Before I Started
This was the first thing I saw driving up to the project.
After Completion
What I saw driving up to the Christmas party.
This would become the side or handicap entrance, and the entrance to the garages at the back.
At The Christmas Party
The side entrance includes a driveway that can park up to three cars.
Before I Started
The view from the back entrance, off of the alley.
Cutback Complete
Stripping (demo) this building back to the point that we could move forward required serious planning.
Installing The Siding
Finally, the first delivery of siding, believe it or not, was the WRONG COLOR...argh!!!
At The Christmas Party
The perfect place to set up for the rain!
The Garages
Installing very cool glass roll-up doors made this space a work place instead of a parking space. For now it's just storage.
My Office
Not glamorous but it will do.
Before I Started
A view looking from the back of the main building to the front entrance.
Getting It Done
At one point there were five lifts on this project getting it done!
Coming Together
Installing light fixtures is always an uplifting milestone. It signals "the end is near".
Great Looking Offices
The offices have a polished industrial feel with all the exposed mechanicals.
The Front
Walking in the front door, the view through this "A" Frame structure included a new skylight.
The Back
Looking toward the front through the back entrance is equally as impressive.
At the Christmas Party
This black and white polished industrial look came alive during the holidays.
At The Christmas Party
Another great interior view that includes the side entrance.
Torrance Windows
Torrance steel windows and doors were at the heart of this renovation.
At The Christmas Party
It's a great feeling when months worth of decision making all comes together and the outcome is fantastic. Thank You
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