Over 40 years ago, I met a General Contractor and thinker named Gene Wulff. He became a close friend and mentor, starting me down the road I am still on today. After a 4 year apprenticeship with him, I became a General Contractor myself and began my journey working on homes in Hancock Park and the Hollywood Hills. 


Designing and building - the art of creation in the field of architecture - became my life's work... my road. And having an innate understanding of how to do this pushed me in many directions, side streets worth traveling. Now, looking back at my journey helps me to understand where I am going. Each street traveled, an intricate part of my future endeavors. If it is meant to be, I look forward to meeting you somewhere down this road and becoming apart of your journey. See you then!


Studio Office

2858 White Ridge Pl. #24

Thousand Oaks, CA  91362

Phone: 805.469.9399

Email: vb@victorleebrown.com




In 2017, my son started college at the ArtCenter College of Design. To stay connected, I joined their Full Circle club. A month or two later I was asked if they could do a Storyboard on my son and I.  

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